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You could be Adam Neely too!

Good news: you don't have to. Some thoughts on music and social networks.

Picture with Adam Neely, Tomo Fujita and Jens Larsen.

by Pablo Cuadrado

June 19th, 2023.

Adam Neely was in town! Adam is a renowned music theory content creator, he was in Buenos Aires for a Masterclass which sparked intriguing thoughts about the rise of video in education. Inspired by Neely and other music communicators, platforms like YouTube have become powerful educational tools, revolutionizing the way people learn. Additionally, prior to the Masterclass, I had the opportunity to exhibit at the NAMM Show and ran into other music influencers such as Tomo Fujita, Jens Larsen, and Matteo Mancuso, which got me thinking about all this.

YouTube has emerged as a prominent source of education, attracting an increasing number of learners. The accessibility and visual appeal of video content have transformed it into a preferred medium for knowledge dissemination. Influenced by J.G. Ballard's prediction of video's explosive growth in the VHS era, the advent of high-speed internet has propelled video education to unprecedented heights.

Adam is a pioneer in music theory content creation on YouTube, and I think he has inspired countless musicians and educators, certainly inspired me in making this product. As a "music communicator," Adam's work showcases the artistic potential of being a YouTuber. Many content creators have achieved remarkable popularity by utilizing YouTube's platform to share their musical expertise and engage with a vast audience in creative ways.

We all have different personality traits, when I see people like Adam Neely, Andrew Huang, Aimee Nolte or Rick Beato, it's clear to me that they have some charisma, these are special people, Youtube artists. They might be humble and deny that, but it's undeniable. For example, both Aimee Nolte and Rick Beato are amazing storytellers, I could listen to them talking about anything other than music!

And if you see their whole video history, it's also clear that they all put the work and learned as they were creating content, it's great to watch old videos of your favorite Youtubers and see their evolution.

In the other hand, as the famous marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk says: you don't have to dance or even show your face to be on TikTok or any other network. One of the most famous music theory channels, 12tone, is made by freehand drawing on sheet music paper.

It is crucial for music teachers to recognize that they can make a significant impact by being true to themselves. One need not conform to trends or follow specific challenges on platforms like TikTok or YouTube. The key lies in embracing authenticity and leveraging these platforms to showcase unique teaching styles, perspectives, and musical knowledge.

Vogum is designed to empower musicians and provide valuable tools for music teachers to create engaging content online. Whether it is sharing full lessons, song analysis, or any other educational content, Vogum equips teachers with the means to connect with a broader audience and amplify their teaching impact.

Adam Neely's recent Masterclass at Nempla, a prestigious school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was itself a great example of the intersection of music education and video content creation. Adam's visit, facilitated by Andrés Romitrovsky, a renowned fusion bass player and educator, highlighted the collaborative nature of music instruction.

The fusion of music education, social media, and video content creation has revolutionized the teaching landscape, with platforms like YouTube offering unprecedented opportunities for music teachers. Inspired by pioneers like Adam Neely and other influencers, educators can harness the power of social media and video platforms to expand their reach, inspire students, collaborate with fellow musicians, and create lasting legacies. By embracing authenticity and utilizing platforms like Vogum, music teachers can leverage the harmonious connection between education and technology to unlock new possibilities in their teaching endeavors.

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