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a Very Opinionated Guide to (Universal) Music

Re-discover Music. Explore music theory in fun and innovative ways!

An ever-growing interactive encyclopaedia of music, sound, waves, acoustics, noise, world music, instruments. It has it all!
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Tons of articles and practice tools to get better at music. Use the Drone, Pitch Circles, and much more. Visualize what you play.

The Guide contains a lot of interactive articles which will help you grasp musical concepts as never before.
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Communicate music ideas in fun and engaging ways.

  • Supercharge your lessons with beautiful visualizations that will enable your students to connect the dots of music theory. Virtual or in-person.
  • Keep track of your students progress, share lesson materials, and more.Coming Soon
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Play live visuals with your MIDI or Audio Input, for streaming or in-person concerts.
Or just to get yourself inspired!

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You just need a web browser, but in order to use your USB MIDI Controller, you'll need either Google Chrome or the Brave Browser. Firefox will add Web MIDI support in the near future.
The web MIDI protocol is rather new and not yet supported by all browsers.
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About Us

VOGUM is made by passionate musicians, creative coders, and visual artists.
We care deeply about Music in all its forms.
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