Last updated: April 30th, 2022.

What is VOGUM?

VOGUM is a music swiss-army knife that offers Tools, Visualizations and Articles to learn, teach and perform.

Target Audience

It's mainly for music nerds of all ages. If you like finding patterns in the Circle of Fifths, practice odd rhythms, explore world music, learn new music concepts, then this is for you.

Use Cases

It can be used in many ways:

  • Teachers can use it for their in-person or online sessions to explain concepts to their students.
  • Learners, students, or self-taught musicians can use it to practice with the aid of smart tools specifically designed for each goal
  • Performers can use MIDI or Audio Visualizations to add visuals to their shows.

Tech Stack

VOGUM Uses mainly:
  • NextJS
  • Vercel
  • Supabase
  • Typescript
  • Tone.js
  • React-Three-Fiber
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